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Tamarind herbal Soap is a peach soft gentle soap enriched with vitamin C.

It is a Herbal soap that keeps the skin clear & healthy It remove dark spots, freckles and reduce dark circles.

Eliminate body odor deep clean.

It's vitamin E  mixture from honey smoothens, softens, moisturises & leaves skin naturally radiant.     

Tamarind Soap is gentle, non-irritating with no side effects.

 The unique properties of tamarind extract Acidic softens, eliminates impurities from the skin.

Reduces the dark spots and fades discolouration, Especially in the armpits, groin, ankles, elbows, knuckles etc.

Benefits of Tamarind herbal soap      

-Keeps skin smooth and clean.    

- Helps eliminate acnes

- Eliminates the smell of sweat    

 - Not rough on skin      

- Clears pimples .

- Cleanse, tones & whitenings the skin

-Naturally fades scars & dark spots

- Reduce wrinkles, aging & fineline naturally. 

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